Gator BBQ | Chilliwack Ribfest

Gator BBQ

Gator BBQ was started back in 1983 in Florida by Don Brown, whose recipes won him “Best Ribs in America” on 3 separate occasions. In 2006, Matthew and Louise Smith took over Gator BBQ and haven’t looked back, touring over 30 ribfests per year in Ontario and Western Canada and picking up their fair share of awards along the way.

🍖 How does Gator BBQ get their ribs so succulent? Years and years of experience. That’s what it takes to perfect the process and understand the complicated rub-to-smoke-to-grill-to-sauce ratio. Maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll give you a few tips!

🥩 Gator BBQ is bringing their award-winning pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork, and chicken to Chilliwack. Sides will include baked beans, cornbread and their signature Gator Taters. Oh and their famous BBQ sauce is entirely gluten free so EVERYONE can enjoy it!