Boss Hogs BBQ | Chilliwack Ribfest

Boss Hogs BBQ

Boss Hogs BBQ calls themselves “the pride of Canadian Ribfest” and who can blame them? They’ve earned more People’s Choice awards than any other team in the country! They’ve been slinging ribs all across Canada for more than TWENTY years, so you know they’ve perfected the art of the BBQ. They pride themselves not just on the quality of their food, but also for having the quickest lines at any ribfest, because what’s the only thing better than ribs? FAST ribs!

🍖 Boss Hogs keep it traditional in the pit, delivering flavourful ribs topped with a sauce adored by everyone who tastes it. Their secret? The rub, the love, and the God above. And let me tell you, you WILL see God when you take that first bite of succulent BBQ goodness.

🥩 You can’t go wrong at Boss Hogs BBQ. The classics are on full display: pork ribs, beef ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, and chicken. Make sure to ask for extra sauce! Sides range from baked beans to coleslaw, but save room for the Boss Hogs personal favourite side: cornbread. You’ll need it to sop up that extra sauce…